2 hard drives: SMR + SSD



It has somewhere previously been stated on this forum that SSD is recommended for getting the best use from AB.

My question is when a PC has 2 hard drives: SMR + SSD, the SSD being smaller than SMR, let’s say 256GB vs. 2TB, would I put BOTH AB and the DATA on the SSD, or otherwise ???



AmiBroker executable is so small (few megabytes) that it is non-issue.


Thanks - PC’s are all about Speed & Space.


I’m putting both my amibroker Executable and my AB database on my SSD. The speed increase is noticeable, but I have a TB SSD, so there is plenty of space. I have a fairly large US equity & mutual fund DB (~9000 tickers) - with the AB files, whole thing is 1.2GB in size. I can’t conceive that every listed security ever in every world market with historical data to start would take more than 10GB? Windows takes far more space, obviously.

Would recommend it. A lot of DRAM is also fun to have, so if you are having speed issues, upgrading size of that might really help. On older builds I went up from 2GB memory to 8GB and it made a ridiculous difference. Now I’m sporting 64GB, but that’s overkill for most applications. (not mine though).