Amibroker with Interactive Brokers datafeed


I am setting up database with Interactive Brokers feed.
In the Database Settings > Intraday settings, for filtering, if I choose SHOW 24 HOURS TRADING, then everything seems fine, I can display candles in a chart.

However, if I choose SHOW DAY SESSION ONLY, no candles can be displayed in the chart. I have tried for different symbols, create different database, problem still not solved.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.


Can you post a snip of the Intraday settings window? Really need to see all the settings to debug this.
Also what is the instrument, exchange and in what timezone are you located?


You have incorrect hours entered in Intraday Settings. Recommended reading


Thank you Dave and Tomasz.
I got it sorted out. I overlook the trading hours in the Intraday settings, it should be local time. I input as market time. That’s the problem.
BTW, is it possible to display the candles in lower TF (eg. 5 mins), including all the premarket, during market hours and after market? But I only want the data for market hours included in the daily candle.
I used to do that with the thinkorswim platform.



Hi Plioe,

Does IB still have that restriction of max 30 day backloading 1 minut data?



Oke I already found, it was even less.