AmiQuote 3.27 is released now

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A new public version of AmiQuote 3.27 is released now.

It can be downloaded from:

Direct links: (128KB) – 32 bit version (155KB) – 64 bit version

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.27 (as compared to version 3.25)

  • downloads from sources other than EOD can now be automatically imported provided that correct aqq_src.format file is present where src is the name of QuanDL source such as CHRIS source requires aqq_chris.format for auto-import
  • 64-bit version displayed “unspecified error” when trying to “auto-update” database that had just symbol without ANY quotes. Fixed.
  • Yahoo “Statistics” page was changed on Oct 5 breaking “Fundamental Extra” download. Fixed.

(This thread continues the discussion from AmiQuote 3.25 is released now)

AmiQuote 3.28 (BETA) is released now

Interesting, thanks Tom.

Which symbol format does AB need to utilize?..

Also can the aqq file override the format for certain symbols, as I noticed in Wilsons video?

Now we just need to fill-in the contract specs for 600 symbols and figure out the roll logic. :laughing:


You use symbols as provided by docs:


And you don’t need to overwrite aqq.format. It is for US stocks only. As explained in the read me it uses per-source file, so for CHRIS it will use aqq_chris.format file which actually is already supplied

And no you don’t need to fill-in manually as the list of symbols is available from site:


An observation. So to be or look like clean data, there needs to be a way to substitute the settlement price for any zero prices in any OHLC fields that might exist. Here is my format file…

this results in messy charts like these…


with data that looks like this…

So I think if there was a way (format command) to
A) Replace any zero fields with the non-zero settlement (in my case the AUX1 field) and…
B) skip price altogether, if OHLC and settlement are zero.

Then the data would look much better IMHO.


Clean data is hard to come by, another reason to use PremiumData by Norgate.


I don’t know from where you got the aqq_chris.format file that you posted above but definitelly NOT from default installation.
Trouble with CHRIS is that it is inconsistent. For example data for CHRIS/ASX_TN2 looks as follows:

Date,Previous Settlement

The aqq_chris.format file that ships with AmiQuote uses the ABOVE format (settlement only)

# CHRIS database (futures)
$FORMAT Date_YMD,Close

Unfortunatelly, once you try other symbols from very same database, the layout of data is completely different.
The data for CHRIS/CME_AD1 look as follows:

Date,Open,High,Low,Last,Change,Settle,Volume,Previous Day Open Interest

Totally different format. I don’t know what these guys @ are thinking but really changing data format within single database is absurd.


No that was my edit to the format file, to include O-H-L-C-VOI and settlement. That’s why I included it above. I probably should make it a separate format file and left the default alone.


This is probably a simple question from someone with little knowledge...
I have 64 bit AB 6.20.1 & AQ 3.27 and would like to access other Quandl databases.
I've read the read me, but can't see how to tell AQ that I want it to look at the aqq file (for DB format). I guess that the name of the aqq file is used by AQ so that it knows the DB name?
The only place that I can see within AQ to direct it to a source - is the "Source" drop down but that is preset.
From the read me for 3.27, I think I should name the file aqq_lse.format (for London DB), then use the code in the chris aqq as a starting point, modifying the format line to meet the info provided by a metadata call on Quandl's LSE DB? Does this sound right?
Please feel free to point me in the direction of the information that I will have missed.