AmiQuote 3.28 (BETA) is released now

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A new public version of AmiQuote 3.28 BETA is released now.

This is experimental version featuring Tiingo Current (replacement to Yahoo Current for US stock markets)

Direct links: (128KB) – 32 bit version (155KB) – 64 bit version

CHANGES FOR VERSION 3.28 (as compared to version 3.27)

  • New Tiingo Current replaces Yahoo Current service that has been terminated November 1, 2017. It provides very fast downloads of current day snapshot quotes. Currently only open, high, low, close (last) price. Current volume is missing at the moment from Tiingo. Only US stocks. No other markets are offered by Tiingo at the moment. It also handles special ticker _ALLSYMBOLS_ that downloads all 7000+ US symbols in one shot.

IMPORTANT: Tiingo downloads require signing up for Tiingo account and entering Tiingo AuthCode in the Tools->Settings in AmiQuote, which is explained here: AmiQuote 3.20 is released now

(This thread continues the discussion from AmiQuote 3.27 is released now)

Error using Yahoo Current day
Tiingo intraday quote import

I tried 3.28 BETA using Tiingo Current. All data were downloaded except the Volume is 0. Historical single day download in Tiingo is ok but is too slow compared to Google Finance historical download. Do I need to setup other things in Amiquote? Thanks.


For any Tiingo's missing data or speed issues with Tiingo please write to @Rishi_at_tiingo


Hi @eltoro I see your account on Tiingo. I’ll E-mail you privately, but people usually say we’re fast, not slow, so let’s dig into this together. In the past, usually slow downloads been due to a config setting - but we can monitor on our end too :slight_smile:

Be in touch via email shortly!