Amiquote extended fundamental data download


Today while trying to download extended fundamental data through Amiquote, I am getting error message ‘Yahoo Fianance offers no key statistcs for this symbol’. Thsi includes AAPL also .

This was working fine a couple of days back.

I can see key statistics data in Yahoo Finance website. like

Is there any issue with Yahoo API for fundamental data ?

AmiQuote 3.23 is released now

You need to use Yahoo Fundamental BASIC.
There is NO API for key statistics and once Yahoo changes their site it may break “Extended” mode that just reads the HTML.


Got message in AmiQuote 3.23

     Yahoo Finance offers no key statistics for this symbol

I remember it worked before. I saw similar post about it two days ago.

In addition, the share number from GetFnData(“SharesOut”) is not right for some stocks, e.g., AAL, AMP. It always returns a very big negative number. But function GetFnData(“SharesFloat”) seems ok. Some other financial data for some stocks are not right too which may be caused by statistic data are not available.

Please help check it. Thanks


So why do you think you need to spam the forum by creating duplicate topics on the same subject???
The answer has been given already.

Update September 7: Yahoo changed their web site yet again, but AmiQuote 3.24 (upcoming) has “Extended” mode fixed already to accommodate for Yahoo changes.


My question is related to my previous post regarding Market Cap and your recommendation was to use (share outstanding x price). I am using AmiQuote 3.25. I tried downloading Yahoo Fundamental Basic and I noticed that some symbols with shares outstanding of zero e.g. A, AAL, AAN, AAOI. The shares float numbers are OK. Sorry, I couldn’t locate the post to fix this.


ok. I have “get-around” way to get shares outstanding into the fundamental data.

  1. Download from Yahoo Finance using this url. (replace xxxx with ticker symbol)
  2. Setup the ASCII Import file (.format) in Amibroker Format folder.


3. Update the import.types file e.g. Shares Outstanding (*.*)|*.*|shares_out.format
4. The shares outstanding data from Yahoo finance should be ticker separate by comma and follow by
shares outstanding. Please note the number from Yahoo Finance is the actual number so it may be
advisable convert it to million.
5. In Amibroker, File > ASCII Import.... select the import file name and file of type.


Shares Outstanding is offered by “YAHOO Fundamental EXTRA”. All you have to do is to CHANGE the source


And of course use current AmiQuote version (3.25)


I remembered I did try both and it didn’t work. Amazing, now it works. Why I know ? AAAP shares outstanding download from Yahoo Finance using the j2 tag, returned a “N/A”. AmiQuote gets the correct AAAP shares outstanding. Great!

Minor issue. But if you have time, please look into it. For example, ^DJI Name becomes N/A. I would like to keep my Dow Jones Industrial Average.


There is no fundamental data for indices @Yahoo.


This is my scenario using AQ 3.25:


Do you have any advise what is going wrong here?


I am seeing the same thing.
Yahoo finance statistics change too fast and AmiQuote just cannot keep up with the changes. :frowning_face:


Yahoo changed once again yesterday. AmiQuote update (3.27) will address that.

I can see the opportunity for Tiingo (@Rishi_at_tiingo) to start providing API for fundamental data download to replace Yahoo.


Thank you for thinking of me @Tomasz - will see what I can do and get back to you quickly


Still waiting for 3.27, can not get fundamentals and Yahoo basic… I downloaded a lot of new stocks.