Can AmiBroker be used for Porfolio Management?


I am using Amibroker to send signals to a google sheet and using the signals there to manage my portfolio.

The google sheet keeps track of my total investment, profit etc, which stocks to buy with the investment amount (depending on the number of open positions I have set), which stocks to sell (depending on the target profit and target stop loss I have set) and again, once sold, which stocks to buy with the money in hand.

I know that Amibroker does all these things during Backtesting. But seems to be able to do none of these (except generating Buy and Sell signals) for actual trading.

The account manager does not seem to have any of these functions except keeping track of which stocks have been bought and sold.

An AFL could probably handle all these, if it could access the information of my Portfolio from the account manager.

Or am I missing something and Amibroker can do all these things without using another program?


I have a similar interest.
My initial objectives may be simpler or less sophisticated.

I have not found a way to access the list of open positions in Account Manager as a watchlist to run an exploration or scan on in Analysis.

I would regularly like to run an exploration on my current holdings for AlertIf to recommend an action if a stock has triggered pre-defined events.

I would appreciate any advice but will maintain my current holdings as a watchlist for the moment.