Connect to IB Gateway

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I have connected to the IB gateway. I’m now trying to figure out how to properly link it to AMIBroker so that it can get chart info and option chain data from IB.

I posted a follow-up to a question regarding this but did so after the question was closed. That posting was here How to get more symbols to show up on the chart? (was: Underlying and Options).

I still need to connect to IB and so far have been unsuccessful.

I also tried via email support ticket #160224 but received what appeared to be an automated reply which so far has not solved the problem.

Assistance is greatly appreciated on this topic.


We’ve sent you 3 HUMAN responses over support channel. Here is a copy of one of it:

Video showing how to connect is here
(Flash player required)


Please note that IBGateway may use DIFFERENT default PORT than TWS.

From memory it was using port 4001 or 4002 not 7496 as TWS.

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