Copy symbols from one watchlist to another watchlist


I would like to copy all the symbols form one watchlist to another watchlist. I can’t seem to copy more than one symbol at a time. Please advise.



Move Watchlists Up/Down

Use Symbol->Organize assignments tool or just from Symbols window MULTI-SELECT symbols (click first then holding down SHIFT KEY click LAST) and then right click and Add selected symbols to watch list.


Hi Tomasz,

OK, I have the mutli-select method working as expected. I tried the Assignments tool and it moved the symbols from one watchlist to another, not copying so the original watchlist was empty. Is this the expected behavior of the assignment tool?




As an alternative use Export / Import from the watchlists popup menu (mouse right click). Very useful for long watchlists (and, if needed, you can reorder the tickers in the exported file, before reimporting, as per your own criteria).


Yes it is expected, Assignment organizer moves symbols.