DDE doesn't update OHL arrays values



I’m a new user of Amibroker and I’m having some problems with Amibroker DDE link.

If I open Amibroker and turn on DDE connection in the middle of the trading day, the Realtime Quote window shows the correct values for open, high and low but the arrays in database store the values with reference to the time when I open Amibroker.

For exemple, a symbol AAA open at price 41.78 and I open the Amibroker and turn on DDE link at 03:00 PM, when price is 43.89. At this time (03:00 PM), realtime quote window shows:

Open: 41.78 (correct)
High: 45.89 (correct)
Low: 41.50 (correct)
Close: 43.89

But if I run an AFL code or open chart, the High, Low and Close values are:

Open: 43.89 (incorrect)
High: 43.89 (incorrect)
Low: 43.89 (incorrect)
Close: 43.89

While time pass, high and low values are updated relating with time 03:00 PM.

For exemple, at 04:00 PM High, Low and Close values are:

Open: 43.89 (incorrect)
High: 44.12 (incorrect)
Low: 42.60 (incorrect)
Close: 42.90


Which version of AmIBroker are you using?


Amibroker 6.00.2 64-Bit


Real time quote window shows daily ohl, while chart will show ohl of chart interval that may not be daily but 1minute or hourly. Make sure you are looking at same interval. Also see kB article about how intraday to daily compression works. Dde also does not provide backfill so you would need to have connection open whole day and collect data for whole day to have proper chart