DLL + COM Objects


sorry for so many questions. I hope I can ask 1 more and then I probably know most about direct translations from AFL to a DLL

With respect to COM Objects the manual says: “The VAR_DISPATCH type is provided for calling COM objects and will not be covered here”

does this mean they can be called inside a DLL, but it is just not explained how?

If it is possible could I be shown how to translate the following AFL?

            AB = CreateObject( "Broker.Application" );
            AW = AB.ActiveWindow;
            AW.ZoomToRange( bv, ev );

where bv and ev are defined as (but I can translate this myself):
bv = DateTimeToStr( LastValue( ValueWhen( xx1, DateTime() ) ) );
ev = DateTimeToStr( LastValue( ValueWhen( xx2, DateTime() ) ) );

I started off with:

		AmiVar AB;
		arg1[0].type = VAR_STRING;
		arg1[0].string = (char *)gSite.Alloc(100);
		strcpy_s(arg1[0].string, 100, "Broker.Application");
		AB.type = VAR_DISP;
		AB = gSite.CallFunction("CreateObject", 1, arg1);

not sure if it is correct and I’m stuck here …

thanks, Ed


Why would you want to do multiple indirection? Just invoke the COM Automation object from the plugin code directly. Use marshalling to coax parameters.


And as I said many times: calling ZoomToRange from within AmiBroker is bad idea. OLE is meant to be called from OUTSIDE of AmiBroker (external script).


yes thanks, I know. Someone wanted a little zoom tool. I just left the OLE part in the AFL and call for the dates with functions. But I know it is not supposed to be used this way