Does Amibroker has a demo account?



I am using Amibroker for a month and I think my strategy in good enough to test with a demo account. Is it possible to run Amibroker with a realtime data feed but on a demo account, so I can test my strategy without risking any money?



You can try AmiBroker Account Manager :

A quote from:

Account manager is a tool for keeping track of your trades and your performance. You are able to enter trades you make, deposit/withdraw funds, check the statistics and historical performance. All transactions are recorded so you will never forget what happened in the past. Account manager allows you to keep track of unlimited number of accounts.





First and foremost as footer of our web site says: " is a software development company and does not provide any kind of investment or brokerage services in financial markets. "

So if you are looking for brokerage “demo” account you should look for brokerages (like Interactive Brokers). IB for example includes Paper Trading account when you can practice your skills.

As for demoing AmiBroker software - it does not require any “account” to use free trial. Just download it from

As for real-time stream - you have to choose one of supported data sources

For testing strategy you don’t really need real time stream. You can test strategy using backtester. It is orders of magnitude faster than waiting for real data.

You can also use bar replay feature if you trade from charts. It also allows to practice your skills faster than with streaming data and you are not limited to trading sessions.