Download fullname


Can somebody tell me where can I download FullName for ETF and mutual funds?

Importing symbol names, sector adn industry data using tiingo?

In my opinion, at present one of the most reliable sources at present is the Nasdaq site.

There (top left of the screener area) there is a elink to download a complete list of traded ETFs as a .csv file.

This is the kind of file to be used with the Import Wizard setting it in this way:


You can also change/set the group and/or the watchlist as needed.

Check also this guide:

if you want to set, in this same operation, some other field using the “Additional commands” list box.

ETF and Stock List

Thank you Beppe! All this is super useful.
At the moment, I settled on just S&P 500 stocks for classification.
Also, I modified the Python S&P 500 script above to write directly into the AmiBroker\Data\Watchlists\S&P 500.tls, so I can update S&P with one click.

The only small inconvenience is that now, as I used the AmiBroker Tools --> "Update US symbol list adn categories", my database is populated with ~6500 symbols. In order to update just the S&P 500, i.e 500 or so symbols, I cannot use Auto-Update from Tools, as I will have to wait probbaly a very, very long time. So, I have to go directly to AmiQuote and point it to the S&P 500.tls file for update. But, all in all, this is nothing and I think now I haev solved both of my issues in a very effcient way. Efficient means 2 clicks way :slight_smile:


Thanks! Beppe. It is helpful. How about fullname for mutual funds?