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I used Amibroker and Amiquote since several years and I am very sad about this decision from Yahoo to stop Yahoo current feed. When I bought my license for Amibroker I did not pay for the Amiquote license which was around 25$ I think. The reason is that it was not an evidence for me that I had this Amiquote on a try period and that I had to pay to keep using it. Why Amiquote continued to work all the time without any payment? If it had stop after 30 days, I would surely have paid to keep it running. Yahoo current quotes were all what I needed and I was happy with that, but Yahoo have decided to close this feed. I work with US and also with CAN quotes wich needs a suffix. I worked quite hard to add this suffixes at all canadian quotes. I do not want to redo this again to use another source which will need another form of suffix. Actually, Yahoo current were a plus but end of day from Yahoo would have been enough for me, but the problem for now is that Amiquote is locked to download only the first 10 quotes of Yahoo EOD. I have a big data base and it was helpfull for me to keep an eye on about all the US and CAN stocks. If I want to keep my Amibroker active and usefull I would have to pay 99$ which are about 125$ CA. I need a reflexion period about all that because Yahoo can decide to close his EOD feed as well and I will have paid for nothing… JPL


I you trade stock market or any other equity and think it is alot of money to spend $ 125 for AmiQuote, may you should consider getting an other hobby.


Yahoo started doing strange moves after takeover by Verizon. With current Verizon management it is very likely that it will cut off many services. I would not place bets on Yahoo.
It is better to move forward and look for services that care such as Tiingo.


And for ASX it looks like the only alternative is going to be Premium Data.


I use Automatic Import and Auto-scroll. The setting is Yahoo Fundamental - Basic. I use a watchlist to guide AmiQuote from within WatchLists folder of the database in action.

When I click the green triangle to proceed, I get these error codes:
“Failed” beside every symbol except the last, and beside the last symbol the error note is: Error during download. Yahoo! - 403 Forbidden. – error 403. Either the symbol is incorrect or there is a problem with data vendor’s site.

I then cleared all data and cookies etc from Internet Explorer’s “Internet Options”. This was to no avail. I waited 5 Hours and tried again, the problem does not change The error occurs in two different computers.

The setup using Yahoo Fundamental Extra extended works OK. I am using version 3.27.

Is there something that I am doing wrong?


This is NOT new fail. This is just the same as this : Error using Yahoo Current day (both Current and Fundamental Basic using SAME server and SAME URL). Use Fundamental EXTRA instead.


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Thanks for the advice. I have tried Fundamental Extra and it installs data. I have workarounds for everything I need now except for FullName. The ASX new symbols for equity symbols (shares) are now missing FullName. That would previously come to symbols during a run of Fundamental Basic (now unavailable). Can you suggest a way to install FullName data to new symbols?


A new beta version of AmiQuote (3.28) support fast Tiingo Current downloads that functionally replace Yahoo Current for quick snapshots of daily quotes from US stock markets. Other markets (non-US) are not supported by Tiingo at the moment. See AmiQuote 3.28 read-me for details.

Yahoo data errors for ASX symbols

Thank you so much for the rapid turnaournd on this! The real time snapshot of the entire market from Yahoo via AmiQuote is the engine of my almost real time market scanner.


does not help me much since tiingo has no indices and I really need those

I will resort to yahoo historical for the moment


Please contact @Rishi_at_tiingo if you want to ask for more data coverage.



As a Canadian customer of Amibroker who used to be able to leave both Amibroker and Amiquote to automatically analyze the Canadian markets during the day, the inability to automatically run Amiquote every 15 mins to upload free current delayed quotes for Canadian stocks is a significant loss in functionality. I still rely on Yahoo for their free data, even though they have been incredibly annoying of late. However, the Yahoo Historical feed actually still provides the delayed current day quote, which is all Yahoo Current ever did. So the only functionality that Canadian (and US) Amiquote customers have actually lost is the ability to automatically run Amiquote, when we select Yahoo Historical. This feature was previously unnecessary, since it was available when Yahoo Current was selected. Would you consider enabling the “Run every” feature for Yahoo Historical? I would imagine this to be a relatively straightforward software change. If this was done, the ability to automatically update Amibroker using free EOD quotes to access current quotes from Yahoo would be restored. Perhaps Yahoo simply decided that there was little value to maintaining two feeds, when one would suffice. For customers, like me, who use Amibroker to email themselves 15 min delayed alerts on the status of key market indicators and positions, this would be an incredibly helpful feature to have enabled in Yahoo Historical. I would gratefully appreciate any consideration you might give to this suggestion.


I endorse that request :slight_smile:


Besides Yahoo Fundamental Basic, May I know any method I can download the full name of the stocks? Yahoo doesn’t work now.


For US stocks: Tools->Update US symbols and categories.