Esignal Minute Data (Extended Data History): Exchange vs Local Time Differences


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I am using esignal extended data history for 1 Minute bars which goes back to 2007. This is actually good history & I am satisfied from Data vendor as well as its interaction with Amibroker.

Though, when I change database settings in Amibroker from Exchange time to Local time - data time stamps are NOT changing. It seems as if this does not have any impact.

I ask this question here as many use esignal & would greatly appreciate if one could advise whether is it possible to change esignal data between exchange & Local time.

The expected implication is the fact that the starting time stamp for a data bar (located in NY) should move from 23/11/17 00.00 to 23/11/17 05.00 (for London). When I change Amibroker setting between exchange & Local - nothing is changing in the database (as well as on the chart) and hence the question.

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I do not use eSignal so I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but maybe you should enter a value (in hours) in the Time Shitf field in the Intraday settings of the database:


“Time shift” - is the time difference (in hours) between your local time zone and the exchange time zone

Try and see if this works as expected and there are no side effects.

I suggest you read all the provided guide page at the above link since at the bottom there is a note that could be useful in some specific situations:

Note that Intraday Settings available from Database Settings dialog are PER-DATABASE. There is however also an option to define PER-GROUP intraday settings. To use PER-GROUP intraday settings you have to open Symbol->Categories window, switch to Groups tab and
check “Group uses own intraday settings” box as shown in the picture below


Dear Beppe,

This is very helpful. Especially Amibroker links you provided explains great deal. Your suggestion could have resolved the problem if esignal has data from one time zone. Though some of the instruments in esignal are from Asia, others are from Europe and some from Americas. Hence, it is not possible to adjust all of them with one “time shift”.

What is really needed is the ability to adjust between exchange and local time so that time stamps could feed in consistently across regions and instruments.

I would appreciate some further advise from loyal esignal users on the forum.

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