Google Finance data goof up

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I am trying to get real time data for NYSE and NSE but data doesn't seems to be in correct format as amibroker is showing wrong graph.

Check for NYSE:IBN and NSE:SBIN data


The data looks perfect, I would double and triple check your symbols, check for spaces and the associated format file.


I had shared my screens on Google intraday data
If ALL is OK then please advice me for setting if messes up. Though I had default settings.
Aso NYSE:IBN says it need 3 bars to show data for me


here is latest chart created by deleting symbols in amibroker and data taken from amiquote

can you please specify format file


You downloaded INTRADAY data, not weekly. Think one second about it.


Thanks for pointer. Intraday values shown is wrong. Price on X axis are messed up.