Has anyone recently tried using AB through Linux with WINE?


I have a dual-boot system (the dual-boot is because of amibroker). I am tooling around with a lot of deep learning stuff and loathe to interrupt my ubuntu 16.04LTS tensorflow training session to download current quotes through AB/AQ. So I am going to try to load AB/AQ under the WINE windows emulator and see if it works.

Has anyone done this successfully? Any tips?

I’m going to try but my Linux experience is much less than my windows.

If I get it running I will let people know how I did.


@drsteph, why not doing the opposite?
If you have a powerful machine you could run a Linux image in a Virtual machine in Windows or maybe a subset in a Docker container. Moreover TensorFlow and additional ML libraries/modules are easily available for Python under Windows (for example using Anaconda Jupyter notebooks).


So, here’s a little info on what I tried last night/this morning.

Amibroker 6.20.1 64 bit professional version (registered) runs GREAT under WINE. All functions that I tried (charting, exploration) worked fine in the native AB program. It even was able to update the US symbol list and categories. I am just using the default ‘data’ database in AB that comes with the install package.

Where I ran into problems was Amiquote 3.27 (registered). It installs, registers, but when I try to import the Ticker list from Amibroker, it gives me an OLE error. Repeats the OLE error, and then suggests to uncheck the automatic import box. Doing so gives no joy.

I’m going to play around with the AQ install because it might have been an error on my part, see if other combinations of settings makes a difference as it just doesn’t seem to be ‘seeing’ the database.

@beppe I appreciate your comments, but imho running DL under Anaconda is tricky sometimes and running it under docker (at least last I tried) was impossible. GPU accellerating is painful under both. I do have colleagues who have done it, but from my viewpoint the linux install is just so much easier and more reliable to execute. I would just like to run it this way.

Obviously, I am doing something completely unsupported here and I know I am on my own. Just reaching out to see if anyone smarter did it first.



Windows OLE in WINE is broken. But you can import downloaded quotes manually http://www.amibroker.com/kb/2015/02/11/how-to-re-import-the-same-data-without-downloading-them-again/


Since 2 years i have AB running on two desktop pc’s under (now) Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3 64 bit
Using latest Crossover (paid version of Wine) and the 32 bit version of Amibroker PRO version 6.01 on my Dells 9020.
I tried the 64 bit version of AB, but had issues, so decided to keep using the 32 bit version.
In my practise i do not see noticeable drawbacks in comparison to 64 bit AB working under Windows (which i used previously) . The speed of AB under Linux and Crossover surprised me.
After some time and Crossover tuning AB is 100% stable, I have not found any problem in its daily use.
I do not use Amiquote, all im/exports are through a.o. (java-) and REXX scripts.
However, if someone could confirm that also latest AB 6.2 is working flawlessly under Linux i would immediately upgrade to the latest version, but again the present setup is to my full satisfaction


Technically as far as 32-bit version is considered 6.20 and 6.00 use same compiler and have same requirements so you should see same success on Linux/WINE with both.


Hello, are you able to run the Optimization 3D Graph(O3G.exe) program from wine (to view the 3D graph)?


omg just finished building wine 3.0-rc3_1 (the development version), it renders the 3D graph on Mac successfully!


When I set up my PC I was not smart enough - I have AQ’s data directory in microsoft specific format which ubuntu does not recognize - should have set it up more OS agnostic. Project for another day.


I have one pc and 2 laptops. Initially I had dual boot (Windows + Ubuntu). At some time I decided to go to Ubuntu only. So for the last few years, I am running only with Ubuntu, now at version 16.04 LTS 64bit.

I had experimented Amibroker with wine but I soon abandoned it.

I decided to install VirtualBox and setup a Windows 7 64bit machine there. I am now running VB ver 5.2.6 r120293 (Qt5.6.1).

I am runnign Amibroker Pro 64bit, usually the latest beta version.

For the last 3-4 years that I can remember I had just a couple of slight incompatibility issues that Tomasz was very quick to help me resolve.

If you are running Linux, I recommend you install Virtualbox for all your Windows needs.