How to create a custom database or watchlists using Norgate data?


Hi all,
How can I create AFL customer database or watch list from norgate data, for example, nasdaqGS?


@maury314 here are some possible useful resources for you to review. Let us know if they are not helpful.

From Norgate,

From AmiBroker,


Please note that Norgate Data doesn't support any filtering of the Nasdaq tiers. It's not that it's not possible to do, but nobody previously has ever asked.

Why do you need it?

Given that the primary listing venue is fairly irrelevant these days, we've decided to put our effort into index constituents instead.

You could always maintain your own watchlist of Nasdaq GS listings of course within AmiBroker by downloading lists from Nasdaq, and creating your own watchlists. Be sure to delete the components of the watchlist each time to re-import. An alternative to importing is direct editing of the .tls file, but make sure you have AmiBroker shut down while you do this.


Are there any fields in the Norgate Nasdaq data, that allow to differentiate Global Select, Global Market, Capital Market?



This seems to be a duplicate of your previous question here, which was previously answered:

The answer is still the same - no.


Usually I say thank you very little, but now thank you very much!