How to download Intraday quotes from NSE


We receive lots of questions how to download intraday quotes from NSE or even claims that it is “not possible”, so I made short video that shows this really simple thing. This is really as easy as A-B-C or 1-2-3.

  1. Select Google Intraday
  2. Enter NSE symbol such as NSE:NTPC (yes you need to prefix NSE symbols with NSE:
  3. Click download


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Thank you @Tomasz for this


thanks but, when I tested, AQ is not able to get NSE quotes from Google for stocks that have “&” in name, such as M&M.
how to do that ?


& is forbidden character in URLs. You can’t use it. You have to do URL encode NSE:M%26M


Thanks @Tomasz.:+1: , will check.