How to use

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QuandDL in three steps

Using is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

If you don’t have account yet you must first sign up with them ( and then get your API key.


One caveat for users who want to download something else than US stocks.

Some users (as always) do not read the read me for AmiQuote (although it is automatically open right before their eyes when installing it).

So, I quote one important point here:

Quandl downloader now supports use of other sources than EOD. You can use symbols with slash that refer to other Quandl databases (like SCF/SHFE_ZN2_OR) but keep in mind that other sources than EOD usually have different layout of downloaded data and you would need to import those data manually (at least until some universal method is found)

This means that if you are using just MSFT, GOOG or any US stock symbol with AmiQuote it works out of the box and imports are automatic.

But if you are using say SCF/SHFE_ZN2_OR or CHRIS/ICE_B1 or any other symbol with SLASH (/) it means that you are NOT using standard US EOD source from and you have to import data manually using Import Wizard because they usually have different layout.


Hello Tomasz,

I tried to download from Quandl URC/NYSE_ADV and URC/NYSE_ADV
Amiquote gave a message that .format file is incorrect and that Amiquote needs to be reinstalled.
Can you please advise how do I import *.aqq files manually if they cannot be automatically imported because of the URC/ source??


Kind Regards




As written in this thread already: you need to create your own import definition file to import from sources that you have added yourself.

(it is advised to read the thread from the very beginning)


Thank you Tomasz for your reply.
I have read the thread from the beginning but, I may not fully understood the process.
Amibroker KB link has helped a lot. Thanks again.