Intraday database issue


well, finally got seven bars instead of six. Only rub is that the last one has to be stamped at 15:30, when it really ends at 15:00, but that is something I can live with.

Thank you for staying on this with me Andy. Very cool of you!

Once exported TS data to csv with adjusted last bar of day timestamp, here are the Amibroker settings that worked for me:




If you change data from begin to end timestamps for 2 hour interval (5 min base)
the first bar of the day ends at 11:30 AM. The last bar ends at 5:30 PM
which is mathematically correct for 2 hour bars but it can be confusing as
most other dataproviders shows 4 PM as the last bar even if it was not a full
2 hour bar.
If I disable align minute bars to regelar hours the endbar stops at 4 PM
and the first bar stops at 11 AM. In the last case there is 1x1.5 hour bar, 1x1 hour bar
and 2x2 hour bars. It is a bit confusting compared to how most charts are shown.