IQfeed daily data only get data back to 2016?


I use iqfeed for getting daily data.
But I only can get data back to 2016.
I want to get 10 years data.
My amibroker version is 6.20.1 .
My iqfeed is
My amibroker’s database setting:
How to get 10 years data from iqfeed daily data?
Thank you.


Hi. This is the setting I have on my IQfeed and have started /stopped my service with them repeatedly with no issues. Hope this helps. I am talking about the IQFeed for $78 monthly.I stopped this month so I changed it to local, but I would substitute IQ Plugin for the data source.


It works on 5 minutes bar.
But it fails on daily bar.

Thank you.


When you say it works on 5min but fails on Daily, are you saying you are getting 5 min data before 2016 but when you try to switch to daily, it “chops” off the data to only show 2016 > 2017 dates?


Data is back to 2007 when amibroker database setting of base time interval is 5minutes.
Data is only back to 2016 when amibroker database setting of base time interval is EOD(end of day).
I use iqfeed to get the data in amibroker.


ARe you changing the base time interval in the database settings from 5 m back to EOD?


I use two database.
One is for 5 minutes and the other is for daily bar.


it’s better you ask to IQFeed support chat, They are very professional and know well Amibroker


I have asked iqfeed.
IQfeed says their daily back to 1998(AAPL).
So I ask amibroker forum again.

'Thank you.


I am afraid I can’t offer any more help bec I only use 1 db with a 5 min
minimum interval.

My question is…why would you need to use 2? As long at you put your
base interval to the minimum you think you will need for future use
within AB, it does a great job in aggregating the 5’s into


@chengyensheng your problem is that you do NOT follow instructions.
You have entered absurd values like 192 years in Database Settings.

You should set up you your database AS INSTRUCTED in the video
and in the manual:

Other configurations than specified in the video and manual are NOT supported

IQfeed is REAL TIME streaming data source, NOT EOD only. You need to configure it as “MIXED Intraday/EOD mode” as it is written in the manual with base interval 1-minute and then you will get BOTH intraday data and long EOD data in single database without need to keep two databases.

If you followed instructions from the beginning you would not cause problems.

If you want to use EOD-only it would work just fine if only you entered SANE values like 5000 EOD bars (19 years) instead of 192 years. If you did that you would get data from 1991 and even older.



Thank you Tomasz.
It fix my problem.

Thank you so much.