List of US stocks with sector information


Hi folks,
Where can I find a complete and current list of stocks and ETFs being traded in US markets (except for maybe pink sheets), along with the information on which sector/industry they belong to? For the sector/industry information, something standardized like GICS or ICB will be good. If not, even non-standard ones (like the categories defined by Yahoo) will do.

I have tried Amibroker’s “Update US symbol list and categories”, but it seems a bit outdated (Amiquotes gave error for certain symbols while downloading data for “Yahoo historical” saying they do not exist). [A second approach I tried was downloading lists of stocks trading on NYSE and NASDAQ from ( The lists seem more complete, but in some cases, the sector/industry information between NYSE and NASDAQ seem inconsistent.]

Also, if I subscribe to a data service like Norgate or Tiingo, will I able able to obtain this information from there?


Tools \ Update US symbol list and categories inconsistencies

@artrader As a Norgate subscriber you do get sector information classified in a variety of ways. For an example you can look at this previous post


Wrong. The list is current (just few days old) and it comes from official NYSE/NASDAQ web sites. The fact that Yahoo (not AMiQuote, because AmiQuote just displays YAHOO messages) gives you error is NOT because the list is not current, but because YAHOO does not have quotation DATA for given symbol. But that is YAHOO problem. It does not mean that the symbol is wrong.


Along with @portfoliobuilder, I recommend Norgate Premium Data. I found trying to clean, organize and troubleshoot free data was a fulltime job in itself.