MetaStock Data - Volume off by factor of 100 (need to be multiplied x 100 to be correct in Amibroker)


Hello, excuse me if this question has been asked and answered already. I have searched for an answer but have not found it.
My question is regarding using MetaStock Datalink as an EOD data source. With all the changes with Yahoo these last few months I have been looking for a reliable source for Canadian Stock (TSE) EOD data. I need a source for Canada to compliment my Norgate data that I have for US markets….and Norgate continues to push out the development required to support Canadian Stocks… and in fact told me recently I should look for another data vendor instead of waiting for their support….
Anyways – the 2 vendor sources I am looking at for TSE EOD data are MetaStock DataLink and CSI Data. I started a trial subscription with MetaStock the other day and after working thru the learning curve the data looks good except the volume on all the charts in Amibroker (using the MetsStock plugin) are off by a factor of 100.
For the volume to be correct I would need to multiply the MetaStock volume x 100. For example the volume I see on the SPY chart for Friday 11/10/17 using the MetaStock data is 599,847 – but using my Norgate data it shows if as 59,984,660….
I see with the Amibroker MeteStock Plugin that there is the option to ‘divide’ the volume by a factor…but I have not been able to figure out how to ‘multiply’ the volume….
Can someone point me in the right direction to resolve this?


Did you try division by 0.01


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried using the divide function and it does not allow you to use decimals. When you dividing by 0.01 you get an error message saying “Please enter a valid number. Invalid numbers include: spaces, decimals, 0, +, -”


Metastock plugin reads exactly what is written in the database. If Volume that you are getting is scaled down it means that exactly that data is present in the MS database and you need to ask data vendor for fix or just interpret data as coming in hundreds. The plugin has an option to divide volume data on the fly, but it can only do division not multiplication.


Tomasz. Thank you for the clarification. I will talk to MetaStock - Datalink to see if there is anything we can do at their end, or if I will just have to accept the volume being off by a factor of 100.


I think you need to code it in your Amibroker system to make it work properly.