Network Location of a Database


Curious, I recently tried (again) to share a database folder on my private network, so that I could open it from AB installed on a separate machine. While I seemed to get the symbol list, the price data was not accessible.

With 10GBe Ethernet and higher Infiniband options, which can saturate a remote hard drive's bandwidth, any reason this shouldn't or can't work in the future? Or maybe a AB data broadcast or pass-through server feature (Node.js)? Would be kind of cool if a datafeed and database could be shared or at least read-only by other AB instances in a network fabric. Just thinking hehehehe.



@Sean I do not understand what you mean.

On my Windows local network, set on purpose on busy wifi, I shared an AmiBroker database folder (giving to the user on the remote machine the appropriate rights to fully access it), and everything works perfectly using an instance of AmiBroker on that machine.

I can also open simultaneously the same database on the remote machine and on the pc sharing the folder: I do not experience any problem (even if think that this is something to entirely avoid for potential data conflicts/data loss when both the applications request to save any modified data... )

If you 'network' configuration does not allow this, probably it means that is not fully 'transparent', and I suppose that also other applications that rely on standard networks APIs to access files may fail (even if the fact that you can access the symbol list seems to indicate some other kind of problem.!)


Hi Beppe,


So I was able to do it with a AB Locally defined DB. Even with only read permissions it works except for a warning when closing the remote AB instance.

That said, the issue I was having was with an AB MetaStock (plug-in) external DB on the host machine; with (BTW) the actual data being stored on a different drive letter on the host machine. Even if I shared the additional data folder location, it doesn't transfer the redirect as defined in the specific Database ms.config xml file.