New Fail for AmiQuote's Yahoo Fundamental - Basic


I use Automatic Import and Auto-scroll. The setting is Yahoo Fundamental - Basic. I use a watchlist to guide AmiQuote from within WatchLists folder of the database in action.

When I click the green triangle to proceed, I get these error codes:
“Failed” beside every symbol except the last, and beside the last symbol the error note is: Error during download. Yahoo! - 403 Forbidden. – error 403. Either the symbol is incorrect or there is a problem with data vendor’s site.

I then cleared all data and cookies etc from Internet Explorer’s “Internet Options”. This was to no avail. I waited 5 Hours and tried again, the problem does not change The error occurs in two different computers.

The setup using Yahoo Fundamental Extra extended works OK. I am using version 3.27.

Is there something that I am doing wrong?


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