New User experience with AmiBroker


Actually it's NOT 6.2 , so there's TWO ZERO between six and two , sorry

I understand this literally but the matter doesn't look like what you think
My friend verion is 5.6 and it's legal version however he no longer use AB cause he stopped trading activity

One month ago i needed to create an indicator and it was my first time cause i am not used to use indicators ( all types ) when making my trading decisions
MS & MSFL have many limitations which make it impossible to use it for building my indicator

My friend suggested me to use another programme and he recommended Amibroker , which i have never used before

He gave me his old version (5.6) to test and discover the potemtial of amibroker
i founded it nice and i liked it especially after i succeeded in writing my indicator code using AFL and that was the whole story :slight_smile:


the functions are shown in the link Milosz posted:

on the bottom, ZoomToRange. that is what I used. I can't post the code, but it is pretty simple. Uses the latest mouse functions, gets the start and end date and then uses the ZoomToRange function.

A real good one should however be made within Amibroker itself. Only way users can access the chart is from these OLE functions (as far as i know). So you will need to ask Tomasz to add this to the software itself


It doesn't work in your case, because this feature was implemented in AB 6.03:

UI: Chart zoom via Ctrl+mouse wheel now works so it attempts to current mouse position as a “center” point of zoom when possible. (Previously it always worked so right border was the ‘center’).

AmiBroker's Zoom to range gives you exactly the same result as Zoom box. It zooms to the exact part of the chart that you have marked. The only difference is that instead of marking a rectangle area, you need to double click to mark the beginning and the end of the range and then press appropriate keyboard shortcut (or click some custom toolbar button which you can create). As I have shown you above (animated gif), the whole process might take not longer than a second.


Thank you empottasch for your helpful reply and hoping to see such tool in future version of AB


@Milosz is spot on (as always).

@Sasha_99 and all newbies make a good read of @Milosz posts. Don't jump to assumptions/conclusions based on near zero knowledge of the program.