New web site developments: Discourse & Q2A


I’m guessing that most, like myself, have signed in to see how it works. That doesn’t mean we love, hate, or are ambivalent about it.
As for me, right now, I’m ambivalent, leaning toward not-like.


Fair enough, but saying [quote=“KeithMcC, post:22, topic:33”]
leaning toward not-like.

is an understatement considering your love for email expressed strongly on YahooGroups :slight_smile:

And I’m guessing that it is 50/50. This has been discussed to death. Half of people love mailing lists, the other half hates them.


I think that Discourse looks like a huge improvement over Yahoo Groups.

I’m not sure why this one guy is obsessed with his email. It appears to me that there are numerous email options available to users via Profile->Preferences->email, see screen capture.


I was surprised to see my question in another thread marked solved by someone other than me, the original poster. Who is allowed to mark a post as the “solution”?


I marked it as solution for everybody to see that such functionality is there.

As I explained it in the other post, Discouse uses “trust levels” to enable certain features.
As a forum owner I got access to all features.


TJ –
Regarding “I have already added by means of plugins like…replying to posts by email (like mailing list)”, could you please elaborate. How does one do it? How does one reference what post is being replied to?
Thank you,
– Keith


Not much to elaborate. You get an e-mail with last response included on topic you created/answered automatically. As in the mailing list.
You get it to your mail box. Then you press reply.
Discourse knows what you replied to.
This software is smarter than 99% of people think.



Please don’t be discouraged by the complaints and negative comments about your move to a better forum.
You are heading in the right direction.

The Yahoo technology is ancient history and seriously detracts from the whole Amibroker support experience. People who have developed methods of working with Yahoo will adapt and develop new methods for the new forum. After a few months things will settle down.

Migrating all AFL support questions to the new forum is an excellent decision. All that support knowledge being shared with the whole Amibroker customer base is a massive advance. Your customers will greatly appreciate the sharing of all this knowledge and the all round improved support experience.

Keep the good work going.


I strongly believe that this forum allows much greater organization. For example today someone replied in “How to learn AFL” and asked about ValueWhen function. I was able to move that to a new thread. The idea that came to me is to have thread for every function. Such thread will be additional documentation and usage examples. Such kind of organization is totally impossible with YahooGroups.

I also have habits and it is always easier to stay in the comfort zone. I could stay with Yahoo doing nothing or I could choose more “traditional” forum. But I took the most difficult road. Discourse is completely new to me. It uses new technology (Ruby On Rails) that I am not familiar with. I have to learn this too and I am totally outside of my comfort zone. It means much more work for me than just staying with Yahoo. Setting this up was not easy. It is damn complex thing. But I took the risk. It may not be perfect for everyone, but it is still the best forum I could find. And I have been searching hard. There is nothing coming close to it. It is new. It is different. And I know many people would hate it just because it is outside their comfort zone.


Some help for starters from the other forum using Discourse:

By the way, there is an interesting opinion on Discourse by Chauqg Gentile

Let me quote him:

I have 40 years experience in IT, retired CIO multi-billion dollar enterprise. I find discourse to actually be a new, not the next, generation of subject specific social communication. It by far outdoes outdated, bandated list servers that really never evolved because of the number of users involved in moving to another platform. “People don’t like change!” I am an administrator of a V Bulletin forum which is touted as the premier forum software. VB can’t compare to 1/10 of what Discourse can do. Discourse is for those that will create new forums or those with enough grit to withstand the pressure of “if it is not broken, don’t fix it” syndrome.


I agree 100% with this thought Tomasz. The old Yahoo! forum would have questions that provided examples for many different functions, but they would be difficult to search and find. Often the same questions were asked as new users came on and they did not know the topic was reviewed someplace in the past. With this new site thread’s like you ValueWhen will be slowly grown using questions and answers that then supplement the User Guide. A potentially terrific addition to the documentation.


Excellent, excellent idea. That will really help broaden our AFL understandng. I am really looking forward to the new forum.


This one looks more appealing and inviting to discussions, I guess its possible to assign forum administrators such as it won`t eat all your time Tomasz.


I am now a convert to Discourse. (and have voted)

After much effort and frustration, I am learning how to set this up and use “my way”.

Some additional tweaking (IMHO) required, but should be a great replacement for Yahoo Groups.



From what I’ve seen both Q2A and Discourse do a good job.
Even if Discourse has more capabilities… if it does take significant amount of time to maintain, my vote goes to Q2A.
I think it would be better to allocate time to develop Amibroker instead of this forum as long as Q2A (or other alternative) does a good job.


Tomasz said :
I strongly believe that this forum allows much greater organization.

From “Robert Riemann thinks” you may find arguments pro Discourse.


I guess it all resumes to what Tomasz wants, if a Amibroker community is wanted this forum is the way to go, the Q&A forum or whatever it is gives the feeling of a ask and go on your own. This will make people stay.


I agree. It will be very useful having discussions related to a particular function within the thread dedicated to that particular function. Brilliant!


The discussion about forum has ended.
Discourse has been chosen as a forum software for

Discouse is way more capable than any other forum software out there.
Suggestions to use “older” more “traditional” forums offer solutions that are mediocre as compared to Discourse. Those forums don’t offer e-mail reply (Discourse support email replies) and don’t provide even small fraction of Discourse capabilities. Discourse allows e-mail interaction and sophisticated real time web interaction at once. No other forum allows that.

As for Q2A ( it stays too at least for a while because it offers anonymous posting which some seem to prefer. Whenever Q2A will work out as viable long-time option remains open.

As for YahooGroups - only main group ( continues to operate in June 2017. Other thematic subgroups (amibroker-dll for example) that were mostly inactive are switched to read-only.

It is yet to be decided whenever YahooGroup will continue to be open in coming months (July and so on)


Thanks again, Tomasz,

Your work is really appreciated.

I love the new forum and I am getting email updates if I don’t log on to keep up to date.

It is also so much easier to contribute. The clunkiness of Yahoo meant I never contributed.