New web site developments: Discourse & Q2A


It’s my view that the main Yahoo Group should also be set to read only now Discourse has been anointed. Otherwise it may lead to confusion, and resistance by some to move. Perhaps an auto-responder could be set up to advise anyone trying to post to Yahoo via email, plus a banner on the home page of the Yahoo forum linking to our new home?

As you probably know there are still new postings daily over there, and many of them will likely go unanswered now most other users have moved over here.


I’ll second what geoff said…

Tomasz, your work is always of an excellent standard, thorough and detailed, and you’re always very supportive.

The new forum is a great idea with much promise and I’m glad you’ve risen to the challenge despite its complexity/time consumption.

And as geoff rightly pointed out - using the forum is so much easier and encourages/enables contribution.


First I am sorry for short downtime that wasn’t announced in advance. Discourse team released new version so I thought I would give a shot to their advertised supposedly painless “one click upgrade”.

Unfortunately it did not work, so I had to go back to terminal / console and do command line trickery. It wasn’t “one-click” experience. There were errors due to plugins that were no longer working but at the end of the day…or rather after 15 minutes the forum is back running latest version.

Next time will announce such operation in advance.


I believe Discourse is the better choice. I acknowledge the initial maintenance work, but in the long run, IMHO I believe this will be worth the effort because it improves user interaction and the value of using AMIBroker.