No Symbols Matched in filtering data set with watchlist


A little background. I am using AMIBROKER version 6.20.1 64 bit on a Windows 10 pc.

The problem exists in Backtest, Exploration and Scan modes. It seems independent of what afl is being used. To get to the problem I first go to File/Open Database and select the US premium data set. Next open up an afl formula file and send it to the Analysis Window. In doing that I note that the ticker symbol box at the top of the window graciously shows I now have access to a massive list of ticker symbols. But I only want an analysis that uses a portion of the available tickers. I made a simple watch of only 5 ticker symbols. I then used the apply filter tool to select my watch list. Running the analysis produces an error message which states "Notice No signals matched Apply to........". In other words the matching process of filtering the many tickers down to a smaller number is not happening. The same thing happens when I use any of the built in watch lists.

I must be missing something simple.

Pete Kasper


Hi @kaspepe,

Forum search is useful to check if such a topic has been previously addressed/ discussed

Error Message "No symbols matched filter criteria"

Apart from that, an exploration/ scan requires attending to other settings too like 'range' and periodicity - So these need to be set correctly also

Check correctness of your coded condition. Sometimes it may contain a logically impossible stipulation e.g C > H, etc.


Hi Zbin

Many thanks for your email. I think you are exactly right, that the problem is likely due to an incorrect setting. My problem is that I must be completely overlooking the setting causing the problem. I have been using Amibroker almost since its start. Although not doing it lately, I have run many successful implementations of AMIBROKER with rotational settings. The new things in my experience are 1.The use of Norgate and 2. Some of the new AMIBROKER options following since version 5.0.

My test case is a rock bottom simple rotational Afl with a simple 5 element watch list.

Best wishes