Quote editor not populating

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Unable to get quote editor to populate with any symbol. I'm sure I am doing something wrong here but not sure what it is.


Open a chart window > file>new>default chart
Click on the symbol and you should see an active chart of the data
Then Symbol> Quote editor to display / edit the data of the symbol in the chart.


Obviously the ticker you have selected has NO quotes. Y

~~~EQUITY is special ticker that is populated with equity values AFTER successful backtest http://www.amibroker.com/guide/a_equity.html

You have got to select (other) symbol that has any quotes.


These were the steps recommended by the developer.

I don't understand why you would be upset by the question.

If it isn't apparent to me how to do something, I tend to ask a question
about it.

My apologies if I offended anyone.


Ted, I don't know if @tomasz or anyone else were upset by your questions. Having initially felt the way I think you do with this question, (when i first joined and started asking questions) I think I have learned that the intent of the emotional "tones" are the writer's way of telling us to do some Googling and searching for our own answers before asking a question that can tie up valuable developer or other resources.

I have also found, that while time consuming, It forces us newer users to more thoroughly learn the product. @Tomasz and others in this forum have put in extraordinary efforts to provide very detailed documentation and samples. There are many question that were previously answered or could be answered with an online search.
For example, Googling Amibroker Quote Editor, will yield dozens of results and the answer is in the first or second result!

Oh, and your quote editor should resemble something like this if you first click on the chart before selecting Symbol->quote editor:



No I wasn't upset at all. I just explained the issue and that's pretty much it.


Thanks for all the help in here. I think the developer I was working with was wanting me to use the quote window while looking at explorer code, not chart code. I may have misunderstood them but I know now and greatly appreciate all the effort and responses.