Recommendations for new AmiBroker users


Many people approach support asking about recommended data sources, books, hardware, etc. If you want to help new users post your recommendations in this topic.

From my side I can recommend:

  • Best EOD data source for AmiBroker: Norgate Data
  • Best books on AmiBroker: Howard Bandy’s Quantitative Trading Systems and Quantitative Technical Analysis
  • Best premium RT feed: IQFeed
  • Best low-cost RT feed: Interactive Brokers
  • Best desktop CPU: Intel i7 7700K

September 5, 2017 Update: You may want to wait for upcoming Coffee Lake CPU i7 8700K as it promises to deliver 50% more performance with pretty much same price point as 7700K

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Got new i7-8700K today :slight_smile: - this little beast is really snappy.


Hi Tomasz,
i am new to amibroker and whenever i open charts and apply MA/EMA adefault paramet of 15 shows up. I even tried editing the formula but didnt work. Also when I apply 3 MAs as overlay on the chart they all end up showing the same parameter even after changing them. Surely, I am missing things but didnt know where else to show up.

Thanks a ton in advance.
P.S.: I am not new to trading(8 yrs exp)


I am looking for EOD equities data and despite Tomasz's recommendataion Norgate is limited to Aussie and US stocks.

I am looking at TC2000. Is anyone using them ? Is it any good ? reliability and coverage wise


I have not used TC2000 for several years, and when I did it was only for US stocks. Therefore, my experience may not be terribly relevant to your question. However, I had two issues with TC2000:

  1. No delisted stocks in their database, so essentially useless for most serious back testing. Good for daily signal scans though, since their data was available on a 20-minute delay.
  2. No price adjustments for dividends, only for splits. Different people have different thoughts on whether or not to use adjusted data, but I personally prefer it.


Thank you for your reply.

  1. I am planning on using it to scan for daily opportunities. I see that TC2000 provides 100k stocks data and I would imagine I will probably scan across 20k of them everyday. Can you give me some idea of performance issues that may have ?

  2. I understand you only used for US stocks but what were non-US stock data quality like if you can recall ?



@trunda I think that the 100K++number on the TC2000 site is misleading: as far as I know, they refer to USA and Canada stocks + mutual funds + options contracts (this is where you have a huge number of different entries) that you can trade via their brokerage.

Moreover, to use TC2000 with AmiBroker you have to install the OLD desktop-based version 7.0 (a lot more limited feature version).

Like many other nonnative DB, performance is significantly slower (at least until AmiBroker has not yet cached the required data in memory). Maybe that for EOD scanning it will be OK, but I will not choose it for heavy tasks (in such a case is better to use directly their user interface if your criteria can be coded there.... frequently not an easy job!).

If they still offer a trial, IMHO, the best thing to do is to test it and see if it is ok for your needs.

By the way, I too would like to find a reliable "global" data provider. Intrinio has almost any EOD stock exchange around the world available also for individual investors, but costs will add up fast!


I doubt that you will have performance issues specific to TC2000. The performance of your scan is more likely to be affected by the technical specs of the PC you're using, the number of symbols in your watch list, and the quality of the AFL that you write.

I only subscribed to US Stock data, so have no opinion on trading instruments from other markets.