Site Useability


When drilling down into a Category, then a topic, then scrolling down into the posts, the HEADER changes from the Community Forum Logo to a “semi-transparent” Topic header.

This means when I finish reading, there is no quick way to flip back to the Home or All Categories page. I have to scroll all the way back to the top to get the “Home Logo”.

Still trying to learn how to best navigate this site.



Maybe try keyboard shortcuts?


DYG - Damn Your Good

OK, so where did you find that list? - OK Found it on the User Logo - bottom of list.

Amazing what you can find when you are looking for it…


Or just press the LOGO (i mean the TRIANGLE - it will bring you back to all categories).


Trying reply through email…


If the topic requires scrolling down, the Logo/Triangle disappears and
is replaced with a translucent Topic Title, so I can’t Click on the Logo
until I scroll back up enough to get Logo to reappear.



Title disappears (i.e. is replaced by the subject), BUT LOGO does NOT disappear!


Right you are … as usual.

I was “reading” not looking.




Unable to locate a “Solved” or Solution type link.

Just edited title.


I don’t see where or how a user can create a TAG.

If it requires a certain Trust Level, how can that be earned? I assume a certain number of posts

Currently perhaps Tomasz you could lover that level to get a bunch more tags created by those that are currently testing out Discourse.


Please use SINGLE thread for site usability. Creating new thread for every single thing regarding Discourse is NO-NO. It creates chaos. Keep on-topic and use single thread.
In fact there is already too many threads on the same thing.
This forum is about AmiBroker, not about Discourse.

Yes Tagging requires higher privileges.
You are not supposed to use tags without thinking. Tags is a matter of organization. There are limits on number of tags to prevent “tag spam”.

Question about drop menu All tags

Here is an update for folks like me who use Thunderbird as a desktop email client and liked the Yahoo email notification…

Here are the steps:
Click on your User Icon (top right – Letter or Avatar)
Click on the Gear Symbol (Preferences)
Click on Categories under Notifications
Click in the Watched area and a box appears for you to type in. Start typing in the letter of the Category you would like to Watch (receive email notifications). If you want the list, type in a letter, then backspace to get rid of it and the list will appear. Select the desired item from the list, and it will be added.

To add more, just click in the Watched area and the box appears again… Repeat the above steps for all the Categories you want notifications on.




In Thunderbird, make a message filter as desired for sorting. I used: From contains and Moved the message to a custom folder.

This should be reasonably equivalent to the Yahoo Groups email notification.

Hope this helps.


P.S. You can reply to the email from Thunderbird, and it posts!


What you wrote is already in the “How to use this site” thread. Duplicate content will be removed.
Don’t create threads for sole purpose of creating.


Is there any option to have messages displayed with most recent at top instead of having to scroll? I did search but could not find any setting in profile prefs.


No because natural reading order is top down not the other way round. If you read a book or newspaper you read it top down. Once you read it, discourse REMEMBERS where you have been and would auto-scroll to first unread message.


Top down is fine for threads you would naturally read like a book sequentially e.g step by step guide to something. But many users visit forums to find solutions/information. Having found a relevant topic the solution/latest info is usually found at the end of thread (most recent posts).
Not an issue for me anyway as I a feed all posts to Thunderbird email where they can be sliced and diced as required.


That is not true that solution is the last post. In fact it is very rarely so. Discourse has “Solution” checkbox for marking given response as solution. Then it gets referenced on TOP with quick link to it, so you don’t need to search or scroll.


OK great. Hope that Solution checkbox gets used :wink: