SQL Speed Issues


Hi All,

We are bringing in constituent data from an SQL database using the following query. With a stock list of approximately 3,000, a simple exploration (just indGlobal = 1) using this takes around 15 minutes. The constituent database only contains entries for each stock on a monthly basis. May this be hurting performance? Would it be better if the database had entries for each day?

Are there any other suggestions you might have for speeding up performance? Note: prices are being read from a local database.

indGlobal =odbcGetArraySQL("Select [Global], [Date] FROM Constituents.dbo.v_Global Inner Join StockInfo.dbo.StockInfo ON v_Global.BBID = StockInfo.BBID WHERE StockInfo.Symbol ='"+Name()+"' ORDER BY Date ASC");


You probably need to generate at least one index on the database.