Stop the same indicator displaying on all my charts?


When I add or change an indicator on a chart, the same indicator is now displayed on all my charts. Can anyone please tell me how to stop this default chart behaviour? I want to add an indicator to a chart and have it affect only that chart.

I have spent some time searching for the answer before asking here, but I am unable to find how to do this – I’m sure it’s simple.

Different indicators in different charts of different time frames of same symbol possible?

Maybe you open new charts using File --> New —> New Default Chart instead of New Blank Chart or New Blank Pane ?

A quote from:

If Chart ID is the same for both charts – then it is essentially the very same chart. It means that all the hand-drawn studies and parameters are common for both charts (changes in one chart pane will affect the other) and all the drag&drop operations or formula changes affect both charts – that is because as a result of dragging and dropping indicators the underlying code is being modified (new sections are added). Such relationship between chart panes will happen when we open another chart window that uses the same chart template as the previous window (e.g. using File->New->Default Chart) or save chart template and load it from the other window.

… or you have used Insert Linked option from the Charts window (which creates a new chart pane directly linked to some other formula)?


Thanks for the assistance.