Symbol merging via OLE calls



I've a list of symbols which have changed over a course of time and would like to use OLE calls and merge the old symbols into the new one. Is it possible to merge symbols using OLE calls ?



@insaneike I will do it exporting the OLD data to ASCII files (adding in this phase the logic to rename the ticker to the NEW symbol) and then reimport (merging) via the ASCII import or OLE.

Only when you have verified that everything worked as expected, you can decide to delete the old tickers from the database.

This forum has multiple threads about importing/exporting data.


@beppe thanks for sharing the angle to export and then import them again. I didn't look at the whole thing from this angle. I was trying to see if I could use the merge functionality which is provided in Amibroker. I'll check relevant posts.

Thanks once again.