Thinkorswim DDL interface

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Hi Mike,

Glad you were able to get it set up. For my own question, are you using 64 bit amibroker ?

a. from my understanding and reading the documentation there is no backfill capability using DDE link. But I suppose that going forward you will build historical data for each specific ticker.
b. I believe that if TOS is set to realtime than amibroker will also receive the infomation from TOS. Did you make sure that TOS is realtime data feed ? I had to get in touch with support and have them turn it on. Does it show realtime in the upper left corner?



To answer your questions an shed a little more mystery:

On my laptop everything works great; Windows 10, Amibroker 6.20, TOS. 64 biy. And yes it does start to fill in the chart as it goes with realtime data.

On my desktop...which is also Windows 10 and also 64 bit.... I think I filled in everything exactly the same, Amibroker 6.27 is only difference (which I doubt is impacting) and I only get the Yellow WAIT instead of real time data.

So my main question was answered; I guess no backfill. But it is odd I have one that worked out of the box and the other won't connect. (Of course I'm turning them off as I toggle back and forth...)


I am on 6.27 and the TOS backfills work fine. So you are right and that is not likely the cause.