Tick Periodicity not found


I’ve just installed version 6.20.1 of Amibroker and registered it. In this version, the lower Periodicity in Analysis > Settings Window is Daily. There is no Tick Periodicity to select. In the trial version 6.0 I had installed I had no problem on selecting the Tick Periodicity. Can anyone help me selecting the Tick Periodicity? Thanks.


The Users’ Guide in Beginners Charting guide:


Please note that intraday intervals are disabled if your database is in end-of-day mode. Intraday modes are available only for databases that have “Base time interval” in File->Database Settings set to anything less than end-of-day. If you for example set “Base time interval” in File->Database Settings to 5-minute, all chart periodicities from 5-minutes up will be enabled.


Thanks Tomasz!

It worked perfectly.