Tiingo intraday quote import


Just signed up for Tiingo quotes, EOD works great but don't see how to import intraday quotes (Tiingo account indicates they are available to me).

Please advise


Intraday in Tiingo terminology means CURRENT quote - i.e. daily OHLC quotes plus "Last" quote updated during the day.

They do not have intraday historical data.


Current is what I am looking for. I believe my account at Tiingo supports this but do not see how to activate in AmiBroker?



Switch data source to Tiingo Current. You need AmiQuote 3.29 for that.


Thanks, but I don't find AQ 3.29 available on the site???



AmiQuote 3.29 is only included with AmiBroker 6.28. Tiingo current is available in 3.29 and 3.28 released earlier: AmiQuote 3.28 (BETA) is released now


Thank you for the info and especially for your quick response.



Does tingo provide quotes for equity indexes, $SPX, $NDX, $RUT, $VIX ?