Time and Sales Window

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The Time and Sales windon has a "Wide list option" and a "Narrow list" option. With either option selected there are some statistics displayed at the bottom of the window.

In either width mode, when I manually narrow (drag) the entire window to just display the first four columns (Time, Type, Price, and Size) the statistics text at the bottom does not wrap (automatically create addition lines), it just cuts off the data being displayed.

Can anyone steer me to the help or manual page that tells me how to make the text wrap?



As I see it on my systems, I confirm you that the "recent statistics" (a feature introduced in version 5.30) are displayed on two lines, and there is no further wrap option (after a certain window minimum width size they just cut off).
Maybe you should post it as a feature request in the Amibroker Feedback Center (always check if such a request already exists).