TOS (Think or Swim) API


I've seen a few other packages leverage the thinkorswim API as an intraday data source. What's nice about them is that I was able to open a free account with free data just for depositing some money in an account (even though I mostly trade through IB).

I tried using DDE with the account but there is no backfill so it isn't that useful.

Tomasz, I know you have a lot on your plate and doing a DLL for them is probably not a priority. I don't know the technology behind a data DLL that well. Would it be possible for me or a small group of Amibroker users to hire someone to write a DLL to access their data just like the iqfeed works... or is it something that has to be done by someone inside of AmiBroker?



No it does not to be done inside AmiBroker. All plugins are separate from program itself. AmiBroker Development Kit (ADK) is open and freely available from download page without any "secrets" and it contains examples on data plugins. IQFeed, eSignal, Interactive Brokers use the very same ADK to provide all data features for those sources.