2 analysis windows are hard wired for Param settings!

Dear Experts,
I am using Amibroker Pro Version :: 6.35.1

I am having a afl (call it rank.afl) which has a list of Params and also does not use any static variables. For exploration, I send this to a analysis window (from editor) and set the params and also set periodicity to 190minutes. I send the same afl to another analysis window and set params and also set periodicity of Daily. Further I save these 2 analysis windows to 2 different apx files. (rank_190m.apx and rank_eod.apx).

For exploration, I open 2 analysis windows at the same time. My understanding is param setting of 1 analysis window should not affect the param setting of other analysis window. Is this correct ?

I am noticing after setting Params in say 190M analysis window the same param values are getting reflected in the EOD-Analysis parameters window. It is as if the parameters are hardwired between the two apx files.

Please help in either fixing my understanding ( :slight_smile:) or fixing some configuration.

Thank you!

Param functions are dependent on Chart ID. Chart ID is zero in all analysis windows.
That's why one analysis parameter of same name effects all other ones using same parameter name.
Param* functions were made for charts originally. And originally (many years ago) there was only single analysis window (it is still integrated -> see "Analysis" - "Old automatic analysis" of menu bar) .

You could use different parameter name for your different intervals.


@fxshrat, Thanks a lot for the why and also for the solution (given the limitation). I would not have figured this out. Only long time user would have got this one !

Adding a link to the discussion which is highly relevant to the question above...https://forum.amibroker.com/t/changing-param-in-backtest/4762

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