2 hard drives: SMR + SSD


It has somewhere previously been stated on this forum that SSD is recommended for getting the best use from AB.

My question is when a PC has 2 hard drives: SMR + SSD, the SSD being smaller than SMR, let’s say 256GB vs. 2TB, would I put BOTH AB and the DATA on the SSD, or otherwise ???


AmiBroker executable is so small (few megabytes) that it is non-issue.

Thanks - PC’s are all about Speed & Space.

I’m putting both my amibroker Executable and my AB database on my SSD. The speed increase is noticeable, but I have a TB SSD, so there is plenty of space. I have a fairly large US equity & mutual fund DB (~9000 tickers) - with the AB files, whole thing is 1.2GB in size. I can’t conceive that every listed security ever in every world market with historical data to start would take more than 10GB? Windows takes far more space, obviously.

Would recommend it. A lot of DRAM is also fun to have, so if you are having speed issues, upgrading size of that might really help. On older builds I went up from 2GB memory to 8GB and it made a ridiculous difference. Now I’m sporting 64GB, but that’s overkill for most applications. (not mine though).

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Yes, broker.exe is small but total Amibroker folder on my machine (now on SSD) is 6.75 GB. Lots of write actions every day will, I have read, more rapidly reduce the life of the SSD. My 225GB SSD is already 40% full so I would like to know if the entire Amibroker folder (all files and folders) can be moved to my D: drive and still function. What steps are required to make Amibroker run correctly if located on D:\Amibroker.

Thanks for instruction on this.

You just run lots of backtests and backtest reports kept inside "Reports" subfolder are eating drive space. You can use Reports Explorer to delete old reports to retrieve disk space back.

Tomasz. Thanks for reminder about reports. I deleted most reports and Amibroker folder went from 6.75GB tp 6.68GB, I have several databases including FastTrack and would still like to move Amibroker folder to D data drive. Is it as simple as copying entire Amibroker folder to the D drive root? Please provide instructions for this. Also, can you please share your opinion on many write cycles from daily updates of the databases degrading the SSD life?

In my opinion, moving AmiBroker from SSD to HDD makes no sense. Most users buy SSD drives to speed up backtesting, scanning, explorations etc ... and you want to do the oposite? Do you really want to slow AmiBroker down? That's very strange ...

Also remember, that reading data from SSD doesn't negatively affect the device:

But if you insist, here you can find the necessary information regarding backing-up configuration and migrating to a new computer:


Milosz: Thanks for your comments. Everyone has different objectives and approaches. So what does not make sense to you might make sense to me. I do not do long explorations and backtests, and believe I will be satisfied with the speed of Amibroker on a HDD D drive rather than the SSD. Writes are what causes SSD failures. See this article for "The SSD Endurance Experiment" -- https://techreport.com/review/27909/the-ssd-endurance-experiment-theyre-all-dead.

From this, I conclude that I will not update the databases enough to compromise SSD life from just Amibroker. But since the SSD is new, I am still in the process of adding other programs to it, so where I can keep the total amount of bytes down, I wish to do so.

So, I have read how to migrate Amibroker to a new computer. Can you say if Amibroker setup can select the root directory of a D drive, ie, D:\Amibroker, and load the program there? If so, it is easy to copy the C:\Programs (x86)\Amibroker folder to D:\Amibroker. Will it still work? I guess without some good advice from here predicting success or steps to take to avoid failure, I will just have to try it.

Thanks again for your response.

Yes, of course I'm aware of that, but in my opinion, if you buy a good, reliable SSD (for example with NAND or 3D V-NAND memory) and take some basic precautions, you don't have to worry about it too much ...

In my opinion you can install AB on drive D without any problems. Let me quote Tomasz:

So as far as AmiBroker is concerned you can install it to ANY folder. Myself, I install it in F:\AmiBroker (F: is my partition for programs). I can move the folder without worrying about Microsoft doing their "protection" via User Access Control and VirtualStore.

... but you might want to verify it to be 100% sure, before you proceed ... I don't want to be responsible for any problems :wink:

Download HWInfo and it will display lots of diagnostic from your computer including SSD percentage of expected lifetime. On one of my SSD (Crucial) after 5 years it was still 99% remaining lifetime. And sure you can place AmiBroker anywhere.