2 markets with different timings

Hello Everyone,
I deal with Indian Commodity and equity markets. Equity markets starts from 9.15 a.m and commodity mkts starts from 10.00am. In the Database settings---intraday setting i have put the Day session timings as 0.00. am and end timings as 0.00. as i have put as exchange timings.
Issue i am facing is, when i switch the time frame to 30mins or 60 mins. The Equity scripts 1st candle formation is from 9.15 to 9.29.59 and than 2nd candle to 9.59.59 in case of 30 mins selected and in 60 mins 1st candle formations is 9.15 to 9.29.59 and than 10.29.59. in case of commodity markets 30 mins display is fine but in 60mins the 1st candle formation is 10.00am to 10.29.59 and 2nd candle is from 10.30.00 to 11.29.59.
So basically in equity scripts 30/60mins 1st candle is formed of 15 mins and rest as per time frame and in commodity 60 mins , 1st candle is formed of 30 mins and rest as per time frame.

I tried changing the intraday setting - day session start and end timings and switching from exchange timings to local timings but of no use. If I put start timings as 9.15 equity scripts will show the proper candles but the commodity will show 1st candle from 10.15am.

request a help on this.

You can apply PER-GROUP intraday settings. Read here:



Thank you soo much.

Kudos and hugs.