3D Optimization Chart Evolved

Hi, i wonder if on the Optimization Chart, on next Ami versions, could be included a third Optimize Variable graphically displayed. In this case it would be over a time axis.
Thereby, you have a single frame of the chart when you can see Two Optimize Variables (That´s the current case) and you will have also #frames containing the chart transformation with the 3rd Optimize Var. With buttons similar to a Video Player on the chart you will see the evolution of the chart over the Three Vars.
I´m not sure if this thread is the right place for this suggestion, please Tomasz move it if it´s not.

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I had this in mind some time ago, it may be cool looking but practical usefulness of such thing is limited, as it is hard to find "plateau" where one coordinate is say "X" and the other is "Time".


Good to know it!. Maybe it´s a feature for using just on limited scenarios but it´s appealing and practical for some optimizing criteria when you are looking to analyze the evolution of the main "Plateaus" along the third variable.