3D Optimization chart has no data line

When I run an optimization on a parameter and select the 3D Optization chart from the drop box, I get the chart layout with correct X and Y axis labelled to scale however I have no data line or ribbon. Have played around with all chart settings, colors etc but cannot get the chart filled correctly.
Any advice to what settings needs to be adjusted.

I have played with 3D charts since they became possible on Amibroker. They have all been as you described and if I am reading what you think is missing that is not part of optimized 3d charts.
For confirmation, take a look at the Amibroker help section on Optimization. There is one lovely chart, which you can find also in by a search for 3d pictures (not all Amibroker charts) ib the web.
I do not think any of them include what you report as missing. Just love Amibroker for having such a powerful tool that is a so elegant. Look also at that Amibroker help section which does show a list of alternatives and enhancements as well as the side effects of using sampling to save processing time. What adding only a word or two and clicking just two optimize buttons is amazing and quite useful at finding dud indicators, Also consider looking at some straw charts for another wonder tool.

Thanks for the reply. I have successfully produced charts in the past when using the optimize function and produced both a single variable chart and 2 variable charts (3 D) however for some reason the current charts are not displaying data lines, ribbons or 3D image, only the axis, scale and labels. Read the help section and have followed their procedures but no success.
After running optimize and then selecting 3D chart I get the message "Only 1 - parameter and 2 - parameter is supported for 3D graphing. You must use two (or one) Optimize() function calls in your formula to be able to see 3D Optimization graph"
Files have optimize functions active and are successfully producing optimize report data however no graph.
Have got an older afl file that I know was producing graphs but they now will not allow 3D graphs.

Checked all the color/shade settings with no success.
Hopefully someone can suggest a setting that I have stupidly missed or changed.

Look up the basic introductions for a tour of the basics controls or just run your program. Your will find a control labeled OPGIMIZE near the top of the control panel are. If you are running an analysis and you click on this control the system automatically starts the optimization option
Phase one (eentualy for it con take a oong time to run) it prints out a detaiiled record of every buy and seel. There is a progress report as this runs. Only after it is finished do you get a control to run the 3D generaion process (look at the help files on Ooptimize. That generates the pictorial and also a number of viewing options. These allow rotating the 3d picture manually or even trigger a rotating took. Only then will you see and control the 3D chart display .

My mistake stupid me, found an additional optimize command at the bottom of the code that corrupted the results.