3d optimization chart not displaying correctly


I have just got a new computer (uses windows 10) and done a fresh install of Amibroker 6.31 on it. Copying the Amibroker folder from my old machine to new had some issues but I have, to the best of my knowledge, set it up the same as the old version. Everything works perfectly, except the 3d optimization chart doesn't display correctly. It has a black background rather than white and some apparent resolution issues.

Also, when I try to rotate the image, the image drags, as per the below.

I have played around with the resolution settings on my computer without any effect.

I realize this is possibly an issue with my computer settings rather than Amibroker, but any advice would be appreciated.


You have to check/update your graphic card drivers. 3D viewer relies on up-to-date and working OpenGL drivers. Visit graphic card manufacturer web site and download/update its drivers to the most recent version.

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Thanks Tomasz,
I had updated my Nvidia driver, but not the intel one!
Working great now, much appreciated.