3rd party plugin problem, was: charting stuck

I am trying create the exploration systems using EMA cross over strategy.
Idea: I am trying to calculate the EMA 200 using 15M time frame, Later i am trying to identify the cross over in 1 Minute chart. I want to run this using exploration feature in every minute; however, when the auto-exploration starts, I have observed that the charting was not happening on the loaded symbols.

Later, I do reboot the Amibroker, then the charting become normal.

Can anyone help me to understand the problem here.


Unfortunately your question isn't clear enough and does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

What DATA SOURCE are you using? From the description it looks like 3rd party plugin problem.

Yes, I am using third party plugin as a data source.
As you mentioned, I am rephrasing my problem here
I have created a exploration system(EMA Cross over system) afl attached below,

emdPeriod = Param( "Period", 200, 2, 200, 1 );
tf=Param("Time Frame (min)",15,3,60,1);
NotifyParam = ParamToggle("Nofity","False|True",True);

tfrm=in1Minute*tf; // Time Period

highTimeFrameEma = EMA(C,emdPeriod);

highTimeFrameEma = TimeFrameExpand(highTimeFrameEma,tfrm);
Plot( highTimeFrameEma , "High Time Frame Exponetial Moving Average" + _PARAM_VALUES(), ParamColor("Signal color", colorYellow ), ParamStyle("Signal style") );

upperCross = Cross(Close,highTimeFrameEma);
LowerCross = Cross(highTimeFrameEma,close);

if( NotifyParam AND (upperCross[BarCount-1] OR LowerCross[BarCount-1])){
	Say("Probable breakout Observed");
filter = upperCross OR LowerCross ;
AddTextColumn( FullName(), "FullName");
SetOption("NoDefaultColumns", True );
AddColumn( Close, "Close", 1.2 );
AddColumn( DateTime(), "Date", formatDateTime );    

AddColumn(upperCross, "Buy", 1,colorRed);

AddColumn(LowerCross, "Sell", 1,colorGreen);

I want to run this afl using auto repeat exploration/scan repeat configuration as 1 min.
However, The charting of symbol got stuck while i started the exploration with above configuration. It happened for all symbols which i have added in the AmiBroker. Eventually , I have stopped the exploration scan and reboot the AmiBroker to make the chart up to date. I just want to understand, what can be possible reason for this?

I have tried the same process almost 5 times, I have ended up with the same problem .
On the other hand, If the exploration system was not running , then the charting was perfectly working fine.

Do AmiBroker have any limitation as such ?


Sorry, but you have to TELL THE NAME of the plugin, so others are warned NOT to use it.

There are no limitations with AmiBroker. There is also no problem with formula (formula does not matter).

It is 3rd party plugin that hangs. Disconnect from 3rd party plugin.

Thanks for the quick response,
I am using data source(AccelPix) Data source plugin which is one of the authorized data vendors of NSE.
Further, Which are the 1 min real data vendor supported by AmiBroker in NSE.

Few data source mentioned in AmiBroker site is not present in the NSE authorized vendors list except Yahoo and Google, But, In AmiBroker site, these are mentioned as intraday delayed data section.
Is it not possible to get the real time NSE/BSE data ?

Can you help me out here

No they are not "authorized" in any way.
AccelPix is UNKNOWN data source. They did NOT register plugin with us.

They don't even have AmiBroker license, so plugin was developed illegally.

(Any person/company wanting to develop plugin for AmiBroker MUST PURCHASE license). Also data plugins IDs must be unique and registered with us as clearly documented in ADK.

As such it is unsafe and strongly discouraged.

The only supported data sources are listed here


NSE RT quotes are delivered by eSignal and Interactive Brokers.

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