4k monitor support for candle chart scale

It seems the maximum candle width in chart is limited to certain pixels, but not always scale with bar width when bar number decreasing. in 4k monitor, with 300% scale in windows setup , candle width in chart could only scale up to limited width, much narrow than bar width itself. is it possible to scale up the candle width along with pricing bar width, or configure the maximum pixels for candle in 4k monitor? Thanks,

You need to use new AmiBroker (6.20 or later), then you can control this from Preferences:



hey Tomasz,Thank you for the response.=C2=A0I tried most recent version an=

d the preferences control the wick thickness.this give me clue that the max=

imum wide for candle body is 40 px.in high resolution monitor, for instance=

4k monitor, 40 px is quite slim, especially for 4k laptops.is it possible =

to increase the maximum wide of candle body to larger px?=C2=A0 different p=

lotting styles accomplish this by last parameter in plot function ( for ins=

tance -50 represent 50 percent width of price bar based on x axis px, not a=

bsolute px nubmer.


The "width" parameter of Plot() http://www.amibroker.com/guide/afl/plot.html function works that way already - i.e. negative values encode percentage


Are there any conditions under this would not work @Tomasz ? I am trying the following separately on an empty chart and am not able to change the width of the candle body in any way. I am able to change any other plot width, just not styleCandle

Plot (Close, "Price", ColorBlack, styleCandle , Null, Null, 0, 0, -10);


Plot (Close, "Price", ColorBlack, styleCandle , Null, Null, 0, 0, -50);


is there something else that I can try?

Candle body is not drawn with single line thickness for that matter.

Candles are complex. They have parts. Candle body and wicks. Candle body is a RECTANGLE drawn with thin pen and filled with fill color. The candle body width depends on spacing between bars, so it CHANGES as you zoom in / zoom out chart. Depending on zoom level the chart body width is 50%...100% of space between bars.

Wicks (shadows) width depends on preferences setting that allows to set BOTH relative and pixel widths of shadows.

And this overrides anything you set in Plot().

So your code would produce this