5 minute SuperTrend on 75 minute candle

Hi Guys,

I am new to Amibroker AFL world. I have a strategy in mind but need help in implementing it.

5 min supertrend is below of current Price in 75 minute candle
5 min RSI(14) should be greater than 32 and less than 60

5 minute supertrend is above of current price in 75 minute candle
5 min RSI(14) should be less than 69 and greater than 45

Can you guys please guide me on this strategy.

Hi narayanan1987!

I am sure this is not the answer you are looking for, but I'm offering it anyway, due to a deep belief that it could very well save you both time and money (possibly lots of it...).

The strategy looks simple, so that's in general a good sign. However, you have 7 parameters (5, 75, 14, 32, 60, 69, 45), and that's very, very likely to not have any robustness. Even if you find via backtest that the strategy has good performance, due to someone having curve-fit those numbers to the symbol they show it to work with, just know there is nothing magical in those numbers. Sure, you need to pick some values for indicators and rules, but not with such specificity.

In summary, if you read about such a strategy somewhere, maybe from a "guru" that says he/she "cracked" the market code, I sincerely tell you to stop listening to anything else the "guru" has to say, and save time/money in the process.

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See more here:

Any pointers would help me on this strategy. I will withdraw RSI criteria..