64bit Install error C++

Installing on Windows 10 AMD x64. amibroker installs OK followed by C++ 2005 x64 which fails with ‘Error 1935 An error occured during installion of an assemply. Microsoft VC80 CRT type=‘win32’, version=8.0.50727.6195’

I know there is a 2008 version of the C++ distro if that helps. Any suggestions?

You may install 64-bit runtime manually, see Knowledge Base:


I just got a new laptop, which I’m dedicating to investing.

Installed Ami 32 bit OK, but 64 bit gives me error 1935. I tried to manually install the MS Visual C++, but it does not install.

It’s not critical, I never did use the 64 bit version, but just curious.

Using Win 10 64b v 1709 build 16299.192 on a Lenovo W541 (just plain awful computer… trying to imitate an Apple).

Any hint welcomed, else I’ll just ignore the 64 bit version. No big deal.

BTW, I do have 32gb memory, and allocated 4gb into a RAM disk. Somewhere it was mentioned that I need to increase the registry size or page size.

Have you done a FULL instalation ?

Yes I did. First installed the 32bit version - working fine, then the 64bit version.

I seem to recall, a long time ago I had a similar issue under win 7. I recall having to increase the size of the registry and the page file.

Now with Win 10’s shell game and ponzi schemes, some of the access to windows configurations have moved, been renamed, removed, or buried.

Amazing world we live in. If this continues, I might as well move to Linux Mint (which I’m trying out, and like very much).

64-bit version does NOT require any more RAM than 32-bit or disk space or anything special. As I answered in my original reply, error 1935 is Microsoft Runtime error which generally means that Microsoft runtime has not been installed properly.
Microsoft runtime is available from links given in my original reply and you should just run it. If MS runtime install fails, I can’t fix Microsoft errors, but, you can try the answer given on MS pages: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_programs/microsoft-visual-c-2005-redistributable-error-1935/9b245369-5053-e011-8dfc-68b599b31bf5?auth=1

or you can install 6.27.1 BETA version that uses different runtime

@rloftinbiz DO NOT POST links to non-genuine runtimes.

Correct links were given in the Knowledge Base article from first reply. You MUST NOT post other links.

THE ONLY OFFICIAL SOURCE for distributable files is MICROSOFT and it must be from Microsoft web site:
Old VC++ 2005 runtime (for OLD AmiBroker only): https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26347

New VC++ 2015-2022 runtime (for CURRENT AmiBroker) links are listed on Microsoft web site

Direct link for x64 version